Organic wine that enhances the soil

Denis Fédieu showed respect to his lands by refusing to use herbicides and by continuing to plow with horses like he had done so when he was younger. His love for the land drove him to choose an organic cultivation method towards the end of his career, which was then supported by Damien. The issues raised by the impact of pesticides as a result of synthetic chemistry and its effect on human health reinforced this choice of organic cultivation in 2004. It was a natural evolution for Château Micalet and the Fédieu family, whose inspiration was always rooted in the rural tradition.
The lunar calendar is used to set the date of sulfur or Bordeaux mixture treatments (to fight mildew), to let the land rest 7 days after the pulling out of a vineyard plot (to naturally destroy harmful fungi), and to carry out the alcoholic fermentation with natural yeasts; ancient technics that have shown their efficiency and respect of the land.

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